Hackathon on real-time velocity measurement and applications – GNSS seismology (10-12 April 2021)

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to invite developers, students (PhD and MSc) and everyone interested in the topics listed below to take part in an on-line hackathon on 10 and 11 April. The event is hosted by the Sapienza University of Rome within the H2020 GATHERS project (www.gathers.eu).

The challenge will be focused on the applications of real-time velocity measurements usually used for GNSS seismology. During the event we use our smartphones to collect velocity data and go further out of the geo-scientific range and search for alternative utilization beneficial in other social branches.

The widest variety of problems and applications which can benefit from GNSS seismology methods and techniques will be addressed, with special attention to real-time solutions and to ground shakings due to anthropogenic activities, as Earth crust tremors/shallow earthquakes related to induced seismicity caused by mining activities or underground excavations. Also, the fruitful integration of GNSS with other sensors will be considered.

Two challenges will be open:

  • Design & Implement: This challenge is devoted to designing and developing new apps & services based on the GNSS Seismology approach using high rate (1Hz & more) GNSS data to estimate ground velocities & displacements. A freely available real-time service providing a GNSS Seismology solution (velocity – VADASE approach) from data collected by an Android (v. 7+) smartphone will be used
  • Create & Explain: This brainstorming challenge will search for new groundbreaking applications, even in fields very far from Seismology, and prepare a mockup. Keyword: Real-time, Precise velocity, Smartphones, Crowdsourcing, Fitness, Pedestrians, Vehicles, Big data, Vibrations, Early warning, Natural hazards

There are no participation fees, but registration is required on http://www.gathers.eu/trainings-events/hackathon-april-2021/. The participants in the GATHERS hackathon will get a certificate of 1 ECTS.

The best outcomes of the competition will be presented and discussed in a Workshop which will be held on the following day – Monday 12th April. It will be open to the public and accessible via a zoom link which will be posted on gathers.eu.

To learn more about the event and to register, visit gathers.eu or email us at contact@gathers.eu

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