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Mathematics and Computer Science – between Eternity and Effervescence

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science is today a fortunate blend of tradition, experience and modernity in a large and prestigious University.

MathematicsOn one hand, all that was discovered in Mathematics along the centuries, even since the times of the ancient Egyptians, Arabians and Greeks, all that Euclid, Pythagora Euler or Poincaré stated as mathematical truth, remained as such. None of these became obsolete; the subsequent discoveries did not revoke anything from Mathematics which kept on developing unceasingly. Thus, the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science in Cluj-Napoca relies on and draws its vigour from a whole school of famous names that starts with M. Hell, F. Riesz, L. Fejer, Gy. Farkas, D. Pompeiu, P. Sergescu, Gh. Bratu, Th. Angheluţă and proceeds with G. Călugăreanu, T. Popoviciu and D.V. Ionescu, F. Rado, to mention only a few important scientists and professors.

Computer ScienceOn the other hand, the Computer Science is undeniably the science of the present and, beyond all questions, of the future as well. The number of students attending the courses in this branch has rapidly increased and it is with absolute certainty that the graduates of Computer Science study programs can compete fearlessly and deeply confidently on the international labour market of Information Technology.

At the same time, both Mathematics and Computer Science from Babeş-Bolyai University have at their disposal a wide range of dependable technical and managerial facilities such as highly endowed laboratories, well equipped libraries, modern academic and research programmes, profitable international cooperation.

GraduatesAs a final and reliable argument, worthy reliability gained in time, there are generations of graduates of Mathematics and Computer Science study programs, spread all over the country and in the whole world, that work for prestigious schools, for strong IT companies, or in different fundamental and applied research fields in universities or research institutes from Romania, Western Europe or United States.

All these arguments, as well as many others that we will leave you the pleasure to discover by yourselves, entitle us to invite you to a passionate adventure into the wonderful, abstract world of Mathematics and the perpetually effervescent universe of Computer Science.