Postgraduate Training Programme in Computer Science

Babeş-Bolyai University and NTT DATA Romania, are ready to offer new IT & C specialists to the community by launching the third edition of Postgraduate Program for Professional and Vocational Training in Informatics.

The program was accredited in 2016 by the Ministry of National Education, and represents a special opportunity for university graduates who want a reorientation towards the IT & Software industry. The students will be part of an international program in which they will be taught by university lectures and prestigious NTT DATA specialists.

The partnership started in the fall of 2016 between NTT DATA Romania and the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science part of Babeş-Bolyai University. The postgraduate program of Informatics, accredited by the Ministry of National Education, now has a new dimension: the second series of 100 students will begin the specialization program in IT & C. This collaboration, an example of win-win situation, demonstrates that when there is vision and determination, there is no obstacle in achieving an honest and mutually profitable partnership between higher education institutions and the industry. The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science is and will remain fully engaged in supporting the most successful industry in Cluj, the IT & C industry.

Prof. dr. Adrian Petruşel, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and
Computer Science of Babeş-Bolyai University

Due to our desire for investing in the future, which for us means the maximization of local potential, we decided, together with our partners from Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, to support the promotion of a truly sustainable education system which opens up promising prospects to all those who decide to take part in it. This implies, first and foremost, the development of skills in the IT sphere, and also the development of practical experience crucial for a good integration into the labor market. We all want a prosperous community in which performance stays high. The key to success is also the trust we give to our talents and values. Each of them must be prepared constantly.

Daniel Metz, NTT DATA Romania CEO

The courses, the seminars and laboratories will take place during the weekend both at NTT DATA Romania’s headquarter (The NTT DATA Tower, Cluj-Napoca) and at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

The curriculum was designed by Babeș-Bolyai University teachers together with specialists from NTT DATA Romania. The educational activity will be structured in courses, seminars and laboratories and will include both theoretical notions such as programming and algorithmic fundamentals, programming, data structures, and practical technological courses such as Web Client Side and Server Side, Programming languages and more.

The Postgraduate program in IT, will enroll a maximum number of 100 candidates this summer and it is welcomes all those who want to acquire another language of professional communication. It is a prerequisite for a successful career in a complex field, such as IT and opens promising new horizons. The combination of a high quality academic training and a high-performing business environment offered by NTT DATA Romania, represents a new beginning for everything that means personal success and professional excellence alike.

More Information

Here you can find more information regarding the registration documents and the admission exam.