July 2020 Session – Admission Calendar for the Undergraduate Studies

  • July 9-15, 2020: On-line registration of candidates. On July 15th, registration closes at 10am;
  • July 15th 2020: Posting anonymized candidates data in order to correct possible errors;
  • July 16th 2020: Appeal from candidates about the correctness of their data;
  • July 17th 2020: Data correction based on candidates’ appeal;
  • July 17th 2020: Posting initial results of the Admission Contest;
  • July 18-20, 2020: Confirmation of places (1st round);
  • July 21st 2020: Posting the results of the Admission Contest after the 1st round of place confirmations;
  • July 22nd 2020: Confirmation of places (2nd round);
  • July 23rd 2020: Final results of the Admission Contest.