Master’s degree programs in Education

New study programs were published in the HG. of 31.08.2020.

Field of study: Sciences of Education
Form of study: Full-time study

Duration of study: 2 years

  • Didactic master's program in Computer Science
  • Didactic master’s program in Mathematics (in Hungarian)
  • Didactic master’s program in Computer Science (in Hungarian)

1. Admission requirements

Applicants who have completed a specialization in Mathematics for the master’s program in Mathematics, in Computer Science, Computer Mathematics (4 years), or Business Informatics (4 years) for the master’s program in Computer Science are admitted to the master’s program in Education. Teachers from this field and graduates of postgraduate professional conversion programs in Mathematics and Computer Science are eligible to apply.

2. Evaluation procedure

Reasoning portfolio, which will be evaluated with an ADMITTED/REJECTED score. It includes a CV in Europass format (maximum 2 pages) and a Professional and Scientific Career Development Plan (corresponding to the first master's degree program from the application list) in the field of Mathematics/Computer Science (maximum 2 pages). The portfolio is issued in the language of the master's program chosen in the first place.

3. Criteria for the ranking of applicants admitted after the assessment test

The general admission average is composed as follows:

  1. 75% of the overall average grade for the study years;
  2. 25% of the average of the bachelor's degree examination.

4. Selection criteria

In the case of equality of average grades, the overall average of the years of study and the overall average of the last year of study will be taken into account.