IoTLab (Internet of Things Lab)

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science has launched the IoTLab (Internet of Things Lab), a welcoming space for students to experiment with new ideas and work on innovative projects.

Thus, the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science continues initiatives and projects that lead to quality specialized training and the introduction and development of creative solutions, encouraging both teaching staff research topics and innovative student projects in collaboration with other educational institutions or industry. We wish to stay attractive and innovative so that more valuable and passionate students choose to study Mathematics and Computer Science at BBU.

The laboratory was founded with the important support of BBU and is only equipped with sponsorships supplied by our industrial partners, namely:

  • Platinum partners: Arobs, Endava, Evozon, Fortech, Montran, and Siemens;
  • Gold partners: Accessa and Yonder;
  • Silver partners: Frequentis, Garmin, Qubiz, REBS, Sage Intacct, and Transart.
1 x Robofun 3D Printer
1 x Microsoft HoloLens 2
1 x STEM Programmable Robotic Arm Kit
15 x Raspberry Pi Version B
5 x LCD Brick for Raspberry Pi
15 x Camera for Raspberry Pi
15 x Raspberry Pi 7″ Touchscreen Display
15 x Kit Senzori Raspberry Pi
15 x Arduino UNO
5 x Arduino Sensor Kit
5 x MQ2 Arduino Smoke and Flammable Gas Sensors Kit
5 x NeoPixel Shield – 40 RGB LED Matrice leduri
2 x Lidar Sensor

FSEGA Campus, Teodor Mihali str., no. 58-60, 4th floor, room 404;
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.- 8 p.m.;


  • Assoc. prof. Florin Craciun,
  • Prof. Simona Motogna,
  • Lect. Dan Cojocar, dan.cojocar@ubbcluj.roo