Admission for the Undergraduate Studies 2020

I. Field of study: Mathematics

Study Programs:

  • Ia. MATHEMATICS (3 years, full time) – in Romanian and Hungarian;
  • Ib. MATHEMATICS FOR COMPUTER SCIENCE (3 years, full time) – in Romanian, Hungarian and English.

II. Field of study: Computer Science

Study Programs:

  • COMPUTER SCIENCE (3 years, full time) – in Romanian, Hungarian, German and English.

Selection criteria:

The admission score is given by the following formula:

Admission score = 1/4 * the overall grade of Baccalaureate exam + 3/4 * the Mathematics or Computer Science grade obtain at the Baccalaureate exam.

The candidates with outstanding results in a selected list of school competitions and Olympiads benefit of certain facilities.

For further information and details please write to: