PhD Supervisors


Agratini Octavian
E-mail: agratini[at]
Areas of expertise: Operator Theory, Linear Approximation Processes, Quantum Calculus
Andrica Dorin
E-mail: dandrica[at]
Areas of expertise: Geometry, Critical Point Theory, Lie Groups, Geometric Mechanics
Arpad Baricz
E-mail: arpad.baricz[at]
Areas of expertise: Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions
Breaz Simion
Simion-Sorin BREAZ
E-mail: bodo[at]
Areas of expertise: Modules, Abelian Groups, Rings, Homological Algebra
Breckner Brigitte
Brigitte-Erika BRECKNER
E-mail: brigitte[at]
Areas of expertise: Topological Semigroups, Functional Analysis, Critical Point Theory, Analysis on Fractals
Buica Adriana
Florina-Adriana BUICĂ
E-mail: abuica[at]
Areas of expertise: Qualitative Theory of ODEs, Bifurcation Theory, Dynamical Systems
Bulboaca Teodor
E-mail: bulboaca[at]
Areas of expertise: Complex Analysis, Geometric Function Theory
Catinas Teodora
Teodora-Maria CǍTINAŞ
E-mail: tcatinas[at]
Areas of expertise: Approximation Theory, Numerical Methods
Crivei Septimiu
Septimiu CRIVEI
E-mail: crivei[at]
Areas of expertise: Module Theory, Category Theory
Grosan Teodor
Teodor-Silviu GROŞAN
E-mail: tgrosan[at]
Areas of expertise: Theoretical Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Porous Media, Heat Transfer
Kassay Gabor
E-mail: kassay[at]
Areas of expertise: Nonlinear Analysis, Variational Analysis, Optimization
Kohr Mirela
Mirela KOHR
E-mail: mkohr[at]
Areas of expertise: Fluid Mechanics, Potential Theory, Complex Analysis, Partial Differential Equations
Alexandru Kristaly
KRISTÁLY Alexandru
E-mail: alexandrukristaly[at]
Areas of expertise: Calculus of Variations, Critical Point Theory, Elliptic Problems, Riemann-Finsler Geometry, Geometric Analysis, Optimization on Manifolds
Lisei Hannelore
Hannelore LISEI
E-mail: hanne[at]
Areas of expertise: Stochastic Analysis, Variational Calculus
Marcus Andrei
Andrei-Dorin MĂRCUŞ
E-mail: marcus[at]
Areas of expertise: Representation Theory of Groups and Algebras
Modoi George Ciprian
George Ciprian MODOI
E-mail: cmodoi[at]
Areas of expertise: Abelian and Triangulated Categories, Homological Algebra
Petrusel Adrian
Adrian-Olimpiu PETRUŞEL
E-mail: petrusel[at]
Areas of expertise: Nonlinear Analysis, Differential Equations, Fixed Point Theory
Popovici Nicolae
E-mail: popovici[at]
Areas of expertise: Vector Optimization, Operations Research, Convex Analysis, Generalized Convexity, Set-valued Analysis
Precup Radu
E-mail: r.precup[at]
Areas of expertise: Nonlinear Functional Analysis, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
Salagean Grigore
E-mail: salagean[at]
Areas of expertise: Complex Analysis, Geometric Function Theory
VARGA György-Csaba
E-mail: csvarga[at]
Areas of expertise: Critical Point Theory, Hemivariational Inequalities, Riemann-Finsler Geometry

Computer Science

Andreica Anca
Anca-Mirela ANDREICA
E-mail: anca[at]
Areas of expertise: Applied Computational Intelligence
Boian Florian
Florian-Mircea BOIAN
E-mail: florin[at]
Areas of expertise: Operating Systems, Concurrent and Distributed Systems, Web Services
Chira Camelia
Camelia CHIRA
E-mail: cchira[at]
Areas of expertise: Metaheuristics, Computational Intelligence, Complex Systems
Czibula Gabriela
Gabriela CZIBULA
E-mail: gabis[at]
Areas of expertise: Computational Intelligence, Machine Learning, Distributed Artificial Intelligence
E-mail: istvanc[at]
Areas of expertise: Search Based Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence
Diosan Laura
Laura-Silvia DIOŞAN
E-mail: lauras[at]
Areas of expertise: Nature-inspired Computation, Machine Learning, Applied Computational Intelligence
Parv Bazil
Bazil PÂRV
E-mail: bparv[at]
Areas of expertise: Software Engineering, Modeling and Simulation, Scientific Computation
Horia F. POP
E-mail: hfpop[at]
Areas of expertise: Computational Intelligence, Intelligent Data Analysis

Associated Ph. D. Coordinators

Valer-Daniel Breaz
Valer-Daniel BREAZ
“1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia
E-mail: dbreaz[at]
Areas of expertise: Complex Analysis, Geometric Function Theory