Tora Coding Competition

Tech students, you are Generation C(ode)!

TCC is an online coding competition aimed to test, challenge and reward the tech leaders of tomorrow.

This is Generation C.

And if you are currently enrolled in an IT-related Bachelor Programme, then you are part of it and should sign up today to compete in TCC.

Your skills will be tested through a series of algorithmic challenges designed by TORA Engineers. You can choose any programming language you prefer to deliver the solutions.

Why should you sign up, like right now?
Get out of your comfort zone, and prove to yourself (and to us) that you actually are the best.
Get a glimpse of the technical skills needed for a career at TORA.

Have you seen the prizes?
1st - 5000€
2nd - 3000€
3rd - 2000€

TCC happens on the 11th of December. 6h of intense coding. A reward to match your ego and your rent in Cluj for the rest of your time at university.

Sign up before the 10th.
Or even better, sign up here and now: