Workshop cu participare internațională organizat de Centrul de Cercetare de Inginerie Software

Centrul de cercetare de Inginerie Software vă invită la un Workshop cu participare internațională în data de 13.12.2023, începând cu ora 12.30 în sala C335, campus FSEGA. Agenda cuprinde:

12.30 – 13.00 Alexandra Jimborean – Compiler optimizations for performance and energy-efficiency

Abstract: Compilers’ role has evolved from merely translating a program expressed in high-level programming languages to machine code, to actually understanding code semantics and performing software optimizations, beyond what could have been previously achieved only by expert programmers. This talk will tell the story of compiler optimizations, starting from standard, simple mathematical optimizations, building towards more advanced loop-oriented transformations, automatic parallelization, and finally we will take a glance at state-of-the-art optimizations. Whether the optimization goal is performance, energy-efficiency, code-size or all together, this talk will expose the science behind the spark and will shed light on some of the most interesting aspects of compilation.

Bio: Alexandra Jimborean is a Ramón y Cajal researcher at University of Murcia, Spain since May 2020. Prior to being awarded the Ramon y Cajal grant, she was Associate Professor at University of Uppsala, Sweden, where she started with a postdoctoral fellowship in 2014. Alexandra received her PhD from the University of Strasbourg, France in 2012 researching automatic parallelization of loops enabled by the compiler. She obtained her Bachelor Degree at our faculty. Her main research interests are compile-time code analysis and optimization and software-hardware co-designs for performance, energy-efficiency, and security.

13.00 – 13.30 Alberto Ros – High-performance timely prefetching

Abstract: Prefetchers play an important role in improving cache performance by converting cache misses into hits, which is essential for high-performance processors. Prefetching requires not only predicting the next addresses that the processor will request, but also to know when they will be requested (timeliness). In this talk we present both instruction and data prefetching techniques with a strong focus on timeliness.

Bio: Alberto Ros, Professor at the Computer Engineering Department at the University of Murcia. His research interests include processor microarchitecture and memory management.

13.30 – 14.00 Andras Vajda – Blockchain dincolo de criptovalute: tehnologia si aplicatiile ei

Abstract: Tehnologia blockchain este considerată ca ţinând strict de criptovalute – şi într-adevăr, majoritatea criptovalulelor au la bază o formă sau alta a tehnologiei blockchain. Tehnologia însă este mult mai veche şi în ultimii zece ani a avut numeroase aplicaţii inovative în diferite domenii. În această prezentare vom parcurge istoria tehnologiei, bazele tehnologice şi matematice, urmat de o discuţie a aplicaţiilor practice care s-au dovedit a fi de success

Bio: Absolvent al Facuităţii de Matematică şi Informatică a UBB, András Vajda, după o carieră la Ericsson în domeniile cloud şi securitate telecomunicaţii,  a fondat şi conduce compania iconicchain din Finlanda care-şi propune comercializarea de soluţii bazate pe tehnologia blockchain şi AI pentru domeniul financiar. András este autorul cărtii Programming Many-core Chips publicată de Springer

14.00 – 14.15 Andreea Vescan – Test Case Prioritization approaches in Regression testing

Team:  Andreea Vescan, Radu Găceanu, Camelia Șerban, Andreea Galbîn-Năsui, Alexandra Pașca Cristina Tiutin, Arnold Szederjesi-Dragomir, Ioana Claudia Rotaru; Grant: ORCHESTRA