Up to €70K to develop Artificial Intelligence solutions in the AI4EU Call for Solutions


Do you want to receive funding of up to €70,000 to solve Artificial Intelligence challenges?

The AI4EU Call for Solutions is looking for 41 ‘Solutions Providers’ that will work on at least two solutions for each of the challenges selected in the previous Call for Challenges published on the AI4EU Platform.

What are the benefits?

  • Receive up to 70,000€ to solve an AI Challenge.
  • Work together with a ‘Challenge Owner’ in a 6-month Support Program to develop at least 2 solutions per challenge by exploiting AI resources included on the AI4EU Platform or developing new components.
  • Get training on the AI4EU Platform (resources, acumos, publication) and online mentoring every two weeks.
  • Be showcased as new resources on the AI4EU Platform.
  • Visibility through the AI4EU channels, events and ambassadors.

Who is AI4EU looking for?

Technology Providers, such as: startups, SMEs, mid-caps, large companies and research organisations that would like to develop, test and validate the technical solutions that address the specific challenges.


About AI4EU

AI4EU is the European Union’s landmark Artificial Intelligence project, aiming to develop a European AI ecosystem, bringing together the knowledge, algorithms, tools, and resources available and making it a compelling solution for users.

Involving 82 partners, covering 21 countries, the €20M project kicked off in January 2019 will run for three years. AI4EU will unify Europe’s Artificial Intelligence community. It will facilitate collective work in AI research, innovation and business in Europe. By sharing AI expertise, knowledge and tools with the Platform, AI4EU will make AI available to all.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 825619.

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