Tamás Darvas (University of Maryland): Transcendental Okounkov bodies

În data de 1 martie 2024, ora 16, în cadrul colectivului de Geometrie va avea loc prelegerea invitată cu titlul:

Transcendental Okounkov bodies

susținută de Tamas Darvas (University of Maryland).

Prelegerea va avea loc on-line pe Microsoft Teams la acest link de access.

Abstract: We show that the volume of transcendental big (1,1)-classes on compact Kähler manifolds can be realized by convex bodies, thus answering questions of Lazarsfeld-Mustață and Deng. In our approach we use an approximation process by partial Okounkov bodies, and we study the extension of Kähler currents. (Joint work with R. Reboulet, M. Xia, D. Witt Nyström, K. Zhang)