Rachel Appleby: Observations & Reflections: Learning from each other, learning from yourself

În cadrul Seminarului de Inovare și Dezvoltare din cadrul Departamentului de Informatică, Rachel Appleby va susține în data de 07.06.2023 / orele 13:00-13:45, online o prezentare intitulată:

Observations & Reflections: Learning from each other, learning from yourself

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Although it might seem easier to teach in the same ol’ way, eventually we’ll get bored, and/or burn out. Why not exploit a chat over a coffee with colleagues, and borrow some freshness?

This session will:

  • describe what reflection is and how it can help
  • outline a procedure for maximizing how to ‘observe’ a class
  • provide suggestions for ‘observing’ alone
  • suggest follow-up steps
  • help you focus on what approach or ideas could be useful to you.These ideas will help liven up your teaching and make your classes more valuable to both you and your students!

Bio data

Rachel is a practising teacher and teacher trainer, specialising mostly in high level language input and teacher development for individuals and tertiary education staff who teach in an English environment. She is a CELTA, LCCI, EMI and online-qualified trainer, and has worked in Spain, Portugal, Slovakia and Hungary, where she now lives. She has taught on the BA & MA programmes at ELTE and, more recently, Corvinus Economics universities in Budapest (Language Development, Cultural Studies, Communication Skills, Public Writing). Rachel is the author of course books for Oxford University Press, including Business one:one and International Express, and teachers’ books for Business Result & Navigate. She also co-wrote Macmillan’s The Business (Advanced).

Rachel also prepares school-leaving students applying to study in the UK and EU, working on Personal Statements, and academic writing.