Prof. dr. Tomasz Brzeziński, Swansea University, UK: Enter truss

Joi 14.01.2021, de la ora 11, in cadrul Seminarului de Algebra din cadrul departamentului de Matematica,

Prof. Dr. Tomasz Brzeziński (Swansea University, UK)

va sustine conferinta:

Enter truss

Abstract: The talk introduces trusses, i.e. algebraic systems consisting of a set with a ternary operation (making it into an abelian heap) and an associative binary operation distributing over the ternary one. We begin by explaining what heaps are and how are they related to groups. Next we introduce trusses and give elementary examples. Finally we show that trusses appear in a natural way in many algebra considerations, e.g. they can be employed to analyze isomorphisms of abelian groups and equivalence classes of extensions of rings.

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