Poveşti de succes: Ovidiu Pârvu, Computer Science graduate

Ovidiu ParvuAfter successfully completing my high school studies I knew I wanted to enroll in a University course but I was uncertain which faculty would be the most suitable for me. I knew I wanted to study a technical subject for my Bachelor which had practical applications and involved mathematics. After comparing multiple suitable Universities, I shortlisted the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Babeş-Bolyai University as my number one choice.

The highly qualified academic staff, engaging class activities and challenging tasks soon convinced me that I have taken the right choice. During my three years as an undergraduate student I have studied relevant computing subjects ranging from algorithms and data structures to mobile applications and web development, formal methods and compilers theory to database design, implementation and management, and many more. Moreover I have been given the opportunity to enroll in a „Learning and Teaching” course designed to prepare students for a potential future teaching career.

All the skills gained during the three years gave me a competitive edge and enabled me to successfully enroll in a PhD programme at Brunel University London. My research topic is the development of novel methods for validating computational multidimensional and/or multiscale models used in, but not limited to, Systems and Synthetic Biology. The strong foundation built during my Bachelor studies complemented by the study of biology and statistics enabled me to integrate in this highly exciting research environment. I would like to gratefully acknowledge the unconditional support and teaching and learning activities provided by all Babeş-Bolyai University teachers without whom I would have never made it here. Thank you and good luck in shaping the upcoming generations of Computer Scientists.

Ovidiu Pârvu, 12.03.2014