Poveşti de succes: Ashar Ahmad, Modeling and Simulation master graduate

Ashar AhmadI had completed my Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from India and was looking for a Master’s which would help me solidify my skills in Computer Simulation, I felt that Mathematical Modeling was something I liked as it combined engineering/science based ideas with mathematical/computer science related concepts. The Master’s Curriculum had, in my opinion, an ideal mix of Mathematics courses along with Informatics. I improved my coding and data analysis skills during my studies. My Master’s thesis was the most important and fulfilling research experience I had. My topic for the dissertation was an algorithm in Machine Learning. As a result of my Master’s studies and my interdisciplinary background, I have received a PhD position at the University of Bonn, Germany in the field of Algorithmic Bioinformatics.

I would like to thank all my professors at UBB and especially Prof. Lehel Csato (my supervisor) and Prof. Horia Pop (my Master’s coordinator). In the end I can say that studying at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics was academically a very enriching experience.