Join us into innovation @Arnia Software Internship Program

Let’s learn together this summer!

Arnia Software is offering two internship opening inside its two most innovative and challenging projects:

  • Internship @ArniaDB – You will work with complex algorithms, data structures and the extensive codebase of a database management system – a competitive alternative to MySQL , Oracle etc. You will interact with key concepts from compiler theory, multithreading, system programming and many more.
  • Internship – You will become familiar with the structure of a full-stack  Web application (an AI-powered visual search tool) that interacts with an inference system for a model developed using machine learning techniques.

If interested in joining us this summer, please send your resume to or through the provided contact forms.

Requirements: Bachelor or Master Studies in progress in Technical Sciences.
Type of contract: Fixed term contract with the possibility to extend it
Type of program: Full-time or part-time
Paid program: Yes
Start of the program: 17-24 July 2023