Tech’n Trade Incubator


Tech’n Trade Incubator is created with the aim to support entrepreneurs in creating their own startups in retail. Coming up with challenges/areas relevant to retail and wholesale domain that need innovation, entrepreneurs can choose to solve one of those challenges with guidance from Metro’s experts and mentors. Starting with a hackathon, during a period of four months, the mentors and domain experts will help you perfect your idea create a prototype and test it in real situation within Metro’s ecosystem.

Who are the targeted people

The incubation program is looking for professionals, students, domain experts or already formed teams with the desire to solve problems in the world of retail with the help of Metro Systems and Metro Cash & Carry’s expertise and resources.

Details about hackathon

The kick-off hackathon will happen in Cluj, during the weekend of 25th to 27th October and it will be focused on problem-solution fit. Supported by 10 mentors with expertise in retail, startups and business, the participants will go through a process of refining the idea, the problem addressed, the solution proposed. In the end 5 ideas will be selected to participate further in the four-months incubation program. Participants are invited to apply here until the 20th of October

What do participants get during incubation period?

During the incubation period, participants will receive free office space in the Tech’n Trade hub, one-to-one mentoring sessions and discussions with mentors or experts from Metro Systems and Metro Cash & Carry, visits in Metro Cash & Carry to understand needs and problems and get feedback on the proposed idea, hands-on work on design, prototyping, planning, pitching, business model, go-to-market strategy and participation in useful meetups and conferences facilitated by the incubator managers.

What’s next after the incubator

Following up the incubator, Metro Systems and Metro Cash & Carry could become a client for the new startup or could invest in them. The aim of the long term is to benefit by the external creativity that entrepreneurs could bring in the field of retail.


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