TBA Internship 2019


Web based Charting Engine

Topic: Implement a web-based dashboard for our KPI (Key Performance Indicator) tool.
What is it: We have a product (KPI) that is able to analyse the processes of the terminal, giving precise information regarding productivities of the equipments and processes.
Technologies: HTML, CSS, Angular/Vue, D3.js and possibly some Java for a simple backend work.

How we imagine this app:

  • The user generates report results with KPI.
  • KPI tool provides the results (numbers, table of numbers) to the app.
  • The results are presented on nice user friendly, light weight charts, organized on a dashboard.

Vessel Structure Editor

Topic: Building a vessel structure editor
What is it: In our products we use vessel structures to describe how a vessel looks like. These structures are specified with a vessel structure editor.
Technologies: HTML, CSS, Angular/Vue, D3.js and possibly some NodeJS for a simple backend.

How we imagine this app:

  • The user wants to create a new vessel structure using a graphical UI tool.
  • The user first specifies how many 20ft bays, rows, ties your container vessel has.
  • The app creates a rectangular bar structure representing the vessel’s bays as specified.
  • Next the app allows the user to remove those bay locations (row, tier locations) that are not available in reality, so the users sculpts the final shape of the vessel.
  • Next some bays can be merged into 40ft bays, a deck house can be added, and other parameters can be finetuned.
  • Finally the result is stored in our vessel structure JSON data format.