Romanian Institute of Science and Technology (RIST) internship for graduate students

As an intern at Romanian Institute of Science and Technology (RIST), you will learn how to do research in machine learning / artificial intelligence, by coding and performing experiments based on state-of-the-art scientific publications or by helping RIST’s scientists to implement new machine learning algorithms.

Topics in machine learning / artificial intelligence:

  • Deep neural networks for generating HTML code: automatically generate web pages using deep learning;
  • Deep reinforcement learning: train simulated agents to learn to behave adaptively in their environment and compare their performance with what scientists around the world have achieved in these environments;
  • Reinforcement learning in spiking neural networks: prepare yourself for the next advances in neuromorphic computing by learning to simulate and train spiking neural networks;
  • Program synthesis: implement programs that automatically generate data compressors, which are important building blocks for artificial intelligent systems;

Tutors: Răzvan Florian, Homa Davoudi, Ali Davody, Cristian Ivan.

Other topics:

  • Improving and documenting the Thyrix simulator for 2D intelligent agents: improve algorithms used for a 2D physics simulator and / or edit in Latex a book describing the equations and algorithms behind the simulator, in order to allow machine learning scientists to more easily use the simulator in their experiments (tutor: Răzvan Florian);
  • Simulating chaotic nonlinear dynamical systems: help parallelize computing simulations that enable new research in this field (tutor: Marius F. Danca);

How to apply: please send to a CV, a description of your interests and information such as: your website or github repository; interesting projects you have worked on; prizes in science contests / olympics; specialized online courses you have attended.

More information: