Laitek 2017 Internship


LAITEK Romania is a company established in 2002 as the Romanian outpost of Laitek of Chicago, Illinois, originally as Light Soft. With an activity centered in the Medical Software area, the company enjoyed constant growth in its capitalization over the years. In 2013, LightSoft was fully acquired and it is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Laitek INC. We predict Laitek will grow constantly in the next five years, in a process of responding to the increasing demand of our services in the US and Europe market. The software is entirely developed in-house and it must adapt to increasingly diverse environments in which it will operate.

Our services and products span hospitals in many time zones, from the USA’s Pacific West Coast to Norway to UK and Ireland in Europe, United Arab Emirates in the Middle East and India in the East.

Core Expertise

Healthcare IT: Medical Imaging, Vendor Neutral Archive, Image Migration, Data cleansing Programming:

  • C++ 2013 / BOOST
  • .NET 4.5/C# (WCF, WPF)
  • Postgres 9.3
  • XML
  • Python 3
  • Standards: DICOM, HL7, IHE XDS.b, XDS-i.b

Internship Plan


  • Healthcare: DICOM, HL7, IHE (XDS)
  • SQL/Postgres PLSQL

Projected activities:

  • Requirements Driven Development
  • Working with Subversion
  • Developing/improving medical tooling, optimization solutions


Address: Republicii 87, 400124 Cluj-Napoca, Romania Tel/Fax: +40 264 411 136; Mobile +40 744 356 242.
Tutors: PhD Eng. Marius Danciu –
Eng. Petrovan Bogdan –