Catalysts 2017 Internship


Following its launch a decade ago, Catalysts has proven itself as one of the most innovative and successful IT companies in German-speaking Europe. In 2013 we also expanded into the Romanian market and founded an office in Cluj-Napoca.

The secret of our success story lies in the balance between work, knowledge sharing and communication on one side and fun, culture and recreation on the other side.

Catalysts offers internships over the whole year, so you can apply any time you want. The application process is structured in 4 steps:

  1. Send your CV to
  2. Complete a Technology Screening that you will receive
  3. Take the Catalysts Coding Contest – the next public contest will be on the 31st of March (you can register here: Applicants who have not participated at the public contest will have to take a private CCC.
  4. Present yourself and your skills at an Interview

The Internship must take place over a minimum of 4 weeks and can be extended in agreement with the intern.

We always offer the chance of part-time employment after a successful internship. Our working hours are highly flexible and supposed to ensure that employees can move on with their studies.