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Efficient off-chain verification of Zero Knowledge Proofs


Tora is working on implementing a secure exchange for cryptocurrencies called Cyberian. This exchange is based on cryptographic technologies (mainly Secure Multi-party Computation and Zero Knowledge Proofs), and will work in conjunction with the Ethereum blockchain platform for performing the settlement of the traded currencies.

One of the major challenges is being able to perform the needed operations on the Ethereum platform in an efficient manner, given the relative high cost of performing Ethereum calculations. Because of this, one of our directions of research is trying to move as many operations as possible off-chain.

Proposed Project Overview

The scope of the proposed project is

  1. to identify the most efficient mechanism for implementing off-chain verification of ZKProofs;
  2. to implement a working proof-of-concept based on the selected mechanism;

The efficiency of the mechanism will be evaluated based on multiple criteria: cost savings vs on-chain implementation, speed, security and trustiness. Depending on the selected mechanism, the proof of concept can be either implemented from scratch or based on existing code / libraries / platforms.

How to apply

Step 1: Fill us in

Tell us about your achievements and projects you’re proud of by submitting the following documents to careers.romania@tora.com and horea@cs.ubbcluj.ro no later than June 2nd 2019.

  • Your CV with a short description of your extracurricular projects;
  • A short Letter of Intent describing why do you consider yourself a worthy candidate for this project;
  • Addressed to students enrolled in master programs or in 2nd or 3rd bachelor year at bachelor level.

Step 2: Let’s meet

  • Applications will be reviewed and followed by an interview on June 4th 2019;
  • Familiarity with blockchain technology and with Ethereum smart contracts, as well as cryptography in general, would be a plus.


  • 500 EUR monthly scholarship for 6 months starting in October 2019;
  • During the whole duration of the project, Tora/Cyberian will provide guidance for the person working on the project, however a significant amount of individual study and work will be necessary;
  • You will learn a lot. You will deepen your technical skills, gain hands-on knowledge about blockchains and cryptographic technologies.