The distribution of participants in the BBU Match-CS Competition 2024 by room and subject

The distribution of participants in the BBU Match-CS Competition 2024 by room and subject

Rules for conducting the written exam of the BBU Match-CS Competition 2024, 20 April 2024

  1. The candidates shall be present at the examination venues and in front of the distributed rooms by April 20, 2024, at 7:30 a.m. at the latest.
  2. Applicants must have a valid identity card or passport when entering the exam room.
  3. Applicants must remember the ID number received when registering by e-mail.
  4. The competent examiner will coordinate an orderly entrance to the exam room.
  5. Each candidate will enter the room only with a bottle of water and blue writing instruments.
  6. The supervisory committee prohibits candidates from carrying backpacks, school bags, and other bags on their tables. When entering the room, candidates must drop the items mentioned at the locations specified by the supervisory committee.
  7. Candidates are prohibited from carrying a mobile phone, a smartwatch, or any other source of information or communication to the exam table. The supervisory committee specifies the locations where they should be left.
  8. Candidates cannot communicate with each other or the outside world; they cannot write down, transmit, or receive information. It is also prohibited to exchange exam sheets, papers, or other materials that could aid in task solving.
  9. If the candidates have completed the examination before the prescribed time has expired, they may not leave the room until one hour and 30 minutes after the commencement of the exam. Candidates who leave the exam room before the assigned time are not allowed to take the exam topic paper. Only candidates who leave the room after the time has passed can take their exam topic paper with them.
  10. In extreme cases, a candidate may ask to use the toilet. In this case, a member of the supervisory committee will accompany him to the toilet entrance.
  11. Candidates can no longer enter the room after the examination subjects are open.
  12. The processing time is three hours from the topic distribution. After three hours, nothing can be written on the test sheet.
  13. To write the answers, candidates will use a blue ball point pen or a blue pen.
  14. Each candidate will receive from the supervisory committee test sheets and the subject of the examination. The participants may not use any other sheets.
  15. If a candidate discovers that he has errors on the exam sheet, he may request a new sheet, but only if this occurs no later than 30 minutes before the time expiration.
  16. The candidate will receive a Mathematics or Computer Science topic in the language chosen in the application, depending on their choice when applying.
  17. Each participant shall enter the following identification data on the worksheet: the identification number (consisting of 4 digits), the surname, the first name of the father, the first name of the participant, and the domain (Mathematics or Computer Science). Please follow the instructions for filling in the grid.

Violations of the above rules will be considered fraud or attempted fraud, and the applicants concerned will be excluded from the competition.

Submission of the exam sheet

  1. At the end of the exam, each candidate must count his colored answers.
  2. The supervisors must sign the examination sheets at specially designated locations.
  3. The supervisors are responsible for verifying the accuracy of the answers and the correct entry of the ID number.
  4. The supervisory committee will count the points colored by the participants and enter them into a form.
  5. The applicant signs the form and confirms that the number of points inserted is correct.
  6. The colored will classify the submitted works in the applicant’s presence.
  7. The supervisors shall ensure that only one candidate submits his exam at each committee.

After submitting the exam, the candidate leaves the room. The results are displayed online, as the exam sheets are evaluated only in the specially designed scanning centers (they are not scanned in the examination room).