The Sensera team consisting of students of our faculty in the final of the Innovation Labs 2024 competition

The Sensera team, consisting of first-year students from our faculty in the Mathematics Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence departments, namely Deaconu Mihai, Bocra Răzvan, Boroica Marius, and Brad Beniamin, qualified for the finals of this year’s Innovation Labs competition.

The Sensera team members proposed a solution based on rehabilitation gamification and the use of mirror therapy via spatial computing. They are developing an application for Apple Vision Pro and (later) other virtual reality devices to help patients with facial paralysis and other neurological conditions recover faster and more comfortably. The app allows users to complete tasks and immersive games using only their facial expressions, gaze tracking, and body movements, mimicking exercises from therapy. Regarding mirror therapy, the solution allows for real-time facial replication with an emphasis on facial expressions, stimulating the patient’s brain and thus helping to strengthen neural pathways and improve motor function.

Good luck in the competition final, which will take place in Bucharest on May 28!