Distribution of participants in the BBU Math-CS Contest 2023 by rooms and subjects

Distribution of participants in the BBU Math-CS Contest 2023 by rooms and subjects

For any problem, please send an e-mail to admitere.cs@ubbcluj.ro .

Important information for candidates:

  • Please see the Regulations for conducting the written exam of the BBU Math-CS Contest, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca available below.
  • Please check the map at the end of this announcement to find the competition halls.
  • Please be aware that on March 26, 2023, the transition to summertime will take place.

Furthermore, since the area of ​​the streets Mihail Kogălniceanu, Universității and E. D. Martone (streets in the area of ​​the BBU central building) are part of a construction site, we recommend that candidates and their companions avoid access by personal car to this area.

Regulations for conducting the written test of the BBU Math-CS Contest, March 26, 2023, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

  1. Candidates will be present at the locations and distributed rooms on March 26, 2023,  at 7:30 a.m. The entrance in each room takes place strictly between 7:45-8:50.
  2. Candidates will have on them, upon entering the room, their valid ID card or passport.
  3. Candidates will memorize the competition number received by email when registering.
  4. Entering the competition hall is done in an organized manner.
  5. Each candidate will enter with only a bottle of water and blue permanent writing implements.
  6. Contest candidates are prohibited from bringing the following objects to their table: backpacks, satchels, and purses. Candidates must leave the mentioned objects upon entering the hall in the places established by the supervision committee.
  7. It is forbidden for candidates to have a mobile phone, watch (smartwatch), or any other source of information or communication with them at the examination table. They will be left in the luggage in the places established by the supervision committee.
  8. Candidates are prohibited from communicating with each other or with the outside, copying, transmitting, or receiving material that allows copying or exchanging sheets, drafts, or other materials that could be used to solve the subjects.
  9. When entering and leaving the exam rooms, candidates are not allowed to be accompanied, except for people with special needs (who will follow the instructions received from the organizers).
  10. If candidates have finished the test before the allotted time has expired, they may not leave the room until one hour and 30 minutes after the start of the test. Those candidates who leave the exam hall before the end of the allocated time are not allowed to take the exam subject with them. Only candidates who leave after the time has expired will be able to take their subjects with them.
  11. In case of force majeure, a candidate may request to use the toilet. In this case, a member of the committee will accompany him/her to the entrance to the toilet.
  12. After the opening of the subjects, candidates are no longer allowed to enter the hall.
  13. The working time is 3 hours from the distribution of the topics.
  14. The papers will be written with a pen or blue pen.
  15. Each candidate receives drafts, competition sheets, and the competition topic from the committee. No other sheets will be used than those of the contest and the drafts provided by the organizers.
  16. The candidate receives a Mathematics subject or a Computer science subject in the classroom, depending on the competition discipline chosen at registration, in the language chosen at registration.
  17. Each competitor will enter the following identification data on the competition sheet: the number of the competition card (consisting of 4 digits), the surname, the father’s first name, respectively the contestant’s first name, and the name of the subject from which he/she takes the competition test (Mathematics or Computer Science). Please see the following grid completion tutorial.

Violation of the above-mentioned rules will be considered fraud/attempted fraud, and the candidates in question will be removed from the competition.

Handing in the paper

  1. At the end of the exam, each candidate must count their colored dots.
  2. The works are handed in under the signature of the hall supervisors in specially arranged places.
  3. The supervisors will check if the dots are crossed correctly and if the ID number has been filled in correctly.
  4. The supervisors count the dots crossed by the candidate and write the number of crossed dots (completed) in the form.
  5. The candidate signs on the table for handing in the paper, this signature certifying that they agree with the number of dots written on the slip.
  6. The submitted papers are classified by the supervisors in the presence of the candidate.

The supervisors will ensure that only one candidate is handing in their paper to each assignment committee.

After handing in the paper, the candidate leaves the venue area, and the results will be displayed online as the papers will be marked only in the specially arranged scanning centers (the papers will not be scanned in the examination hall).

The location of the buildings where the competition halls are located