DefCamp 2022 DCTF competition victory for the team “The Few Chosen”, which consists of students from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Every year, the largest cybersecurity conference in Central Europe – DefCamp – takes place in Bucharest. During these days, in addition to various presentations on cybersecurity, different competitions are held, the most important of which is DCTF, an Attack&Defense style Capture-the-Flag (CTF) competition.

This year, the students of our faculty, Niță Horia Teodor and Toma Dimitrie Furdui, in the 3rd year Computer Science, English line, together with their team, won two prizes in this competition:

  • 1st place Romania
  • 3rd place International

We are very proud of our results and of our team, The Few Chosen. Thanks to our team spirit and determination to be the best, we quickly became one of the best cybersecurity teams in Romania. We prepared thoroughly for DCTF in every way, developing our own tools to automate the exploitation of other teams’ computers and sending flags. With a lot of effort, but also with the innovative spirit that our team has, we won 3rd place internationally and 1st place in Romania. We will certainly not stop here!

Niță Horia Teodor, English Computer Science, 3rd year