Join University CodeSprint Competition: Which school has the best programmers?

Does your school have the best programmers?

Join University CodeSprint, the ultimate university coding competition, and represent your school to prove how well students and graduates from your school can code!

We want to learn which schools around the world train the best programmers. A lot of global university ranking reports use school reputation, the number of publications and citations published within a given year and other subjective ranking criteria. We want to learn which schools have the best programmers based on their skill.

So, do you think your school has the best programmers and deserves global recognition? Join University CodeSprint and invite your friends to represent your school.

Alumni can participate as well because we’ll have separate leaderboards for current students and alumni.

What you need to do

  • Sign up: Join today and get challenge recommendations so you’re prepped and ready!
  • Invite: Invite your friends. The more students who compete, the higher chance your school has in winning!
  • Compete: Represent your school and prove how well students from your school can code.
  • Share: Promote your skills by sharing your success online.

School Prize

HackerRank will donate $5,000 USD to the top ranked school on the University Leaderboard. May the best school win!

For more details about the University CodeSprint Competition please visit