Information for students in the second year of bachelor level and the first year of master level – Decision on the calendar of elaboration of the bachelor’s / master’s papers for the students who will complete their studies starting with the year 2022

Approved by the Faculty Council on 20.04.2021

Each student of the faculty must choose a scientific coordinator for the elaboration of the bachelor's/master's thesis. The coordinator must be a tenured teacher with a Ph.D. Assistants without a doctorate may supervise bachelor papers under the supervision of another teacher with a Ph.D. The topics can also be proposed by partner companies/institutions, but in this case, the coordinator will also be a tenured teacher from the faculty with a Ph.D.

The following calendar is established for the smooth running of the final examination from 2022 onward:

  • The department directors determine the maximum number of papers that a professor can coordinate in a generation.
    Deadline: 30 November (2nd-year bachelor level, 1st-year master level)

    • Each department sets the maximum number of coordinated papers according to the number of students relative to the number of teaching staff.
    • A maximum of 1/3 of the students in Mathematics - Computer Science majors (Romanian and English) may choose a bachelor’s thesis coordinator from the Department of Computer Science.
  • Students choose a scientific coordinator by mutual agreement.
    Recommended deadline: 15th of November (3rd-year bachelor level, 2nd-year master level)

    • The coordinators with free places can be seen in real-time in the bachelor’s /master's management application.
    • The coordinator enters the names of students in the bachelor’s /master’s management application as they are accepted for coordination to allow other students to access the          vacancy situation in real-time.
  • Students who have not chosen a coordinator are automatically assigned to the remaining vacancies, to distribute the number of assignments as evenly as possible among the teaching staff.
    Deadline: 1 March (3rd-year bachelor level, 2nd-year master level)
  • Students who are working on their bachelor’s/master’s thesis in collaboration with external specialists must submit a collaboration agreement to the department’s secretariat (according to the annex to the Regulations for the organization and conduct of the bachelor’s and master’s examination).
    Deadline: 1 March (3rd-year bachelor level, 2nd-year master level)
  • Students upload to the platform
    • The final version of the thesis in PDF format, together with the abstract in English integrated immediately after the title page.
    • A ZIP archive containing the application (if applicable) and annexes.

    Deadline: posted on the faculty website at the beginning of the 2nd semester. (3rd-year bachelor level, 2nd-year master level)

  • In case of force majeure (unavailability of the coordinator) a new coordinator will be proposed by the pro-dean responsible for the section, consulting the available scientific coordinators. The new coordinator will make the necessary changes in the application for the management of the papers regarding the completion of studies.