Free licensed Microsoft software for students

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science and Babeș-Bolyai University provide students with support to use licensed software. Thus, thanks to the partnership with Microsoft, free access to various software resources is offered based on student accounts.

Using the accounts offered by UBB in the form you benefit from:

  • Office 365 – Web & Desktop Version (Offline);
  • OneDrive – 1 TB storage space;
  • Microsoft Teams.

The full list of benefits can be found in the document Microsoft 365 A3 for students Mar 2023.pdf and can be accessed at:

Also, based on an account created in the Azure platform using email addresses you benefit from:

  • Windows licenses (10, 11, Server) for personal and educational use;
  • Visual Studio Enterprise licenses;
  • SQL Server Licenses;
  • 750 hours of execution for Windows and Linux virtual machines – within 12 months;
  • 250 GB Azure SQL Databases – within 12 months;
  • 30,000 facial recognitions – within 12 months;
  • 10000 NLP transactions – within 12 months;
  • 8000 daily messages within the Microsoft IoT Hub – within 12 months;
  • 128 GB of virtual machine storage – within 12 months.

Software licenses can be found in the “Software” subcategory of the “Education” category in the Azure portal. Full access can only be obtained after confirming the email address within the platform and is done through the Azure portal mentioned below. The complete lists of Azure benefits can be found in the documents Beneficii Azuze Mar 2023.pdf, respectively Free Software Azuze CS Students Mar 2023.pdf and can be accessed at:

For assistance or difficulties regarding access to the services offered, please write to us at .