Professor Emil Muntean

Emil Muntean (1933-2009)

Emil MunteanHe was born on July 31, 1933, in Magura, Hunedoara County. After finishing secondary school in 1952, he studied at the University of Cluj-Napoca. He graduated in Mathematics from Cluj University in 1957. Still being in the fifth year, he was named at the Computing Institute of Academy. Since then, the entire activity of Professor Muntean is connected with computers. He worked to the construction of MARICA (1959), a Romanian computer built from relays, and to the construction (in 1961) of DACICC-1, the first Romanian transistor-based computer. Then (1967-1969) he worked to the complex project of building DACICC-200. Also, he had contributed to the realisation of some programs.

He obtained his Ph.D. from the Saint Petersburg University, U.S.S.R., in 1964. In 1968 he became the Head of the newly Institute of Computer Technology (ITC). As the Head of the ITC in a pioneering period, he has directed with much competence and inspiration the research activity, to design and to implement high-level software products. He was really a very good organizer.

In 1990 he became full professor at our Faculty, Department of Computer Science, but his teaching activity started long time ago. He used to teach the students of Mathematics various computers related subjects. In the last four years he taught courses in Expert Systems, and Computers Networks. His courses were held at a high scientific and pedagogical level.

From 2000, he became full professor at the “Dimitrie Cantemir” University, Faculty of Economical Science, the Cluj branch. In the same time, professor Muntean had classes of History of Computer Science at our faculty.

There are eight computer scientists who owe their Ph. Degrees to their supervisor, professor Emil Muntean. In the last years he became interested in spreading computer science knowledge, i.e. he is today a known editor of books in this area. He was the father of Microinformatica Publishers, and in the last years he created Promedia Publishers.

Professor Emil Muntean was a distinguished pedagogue, very appreciated by his students. It was, as well, a pleasure for all of us to have such a generous colleague.

Professor Emil Muntean, age 76, one of the founders of the computer science school in Cluj-Napoca, died Thursday, November 29, 2009, in Cluj-Napoca following a courageous battle with illness.