NetMatch internship 2023

Are you on the lookout for the summer internship opportunity?

Let’s team up! We offer you 2 months of paid internship with the opportunity to be involved in the development of a web project, using .NET (C#) or give you the tools and knowledge to build the foundations of your testing expertise!

Internship .NET (C#)

You will benefit from support and mentorship to learn .NET (C#) being involved in a web project and having a real teamwork experience by working together with our colleagues. You will enjoy a hands-on learning experience and develop your skills on software development.

Internship Software Testing

You will have a walk through the testing techniques and approaches, taking the first steps in your testing expertise working on a web project. You will learn to analyze risks, articulate a test strategy, run your tests, and report on your performance.

Internship Agenda:

  • Application: until April 24 (send your CV to
  • Internship: July-September (starting date depends on your availability)

For more details, check out our website: