Free activities for first-year students organised by UBB’s Learning Center “StudHub”

Dear first semester students,

We are starting a new season of free activities as part of the UBB StudHub project!

We know how stressful the exam period is and how difficult it is to deal with the large amount of information. That’s why students in their first semester, on bachelor’s level, have the opportunity to take part for free in the activities of the Learning Center „StudHub“. During the workshops, you will not only have the opportunity to connect with students from other faculties and develop personally, but also to better understand how to adapt more easily to academic life in order to pass it with flying colors. Starting this month (November 2023), we will begin registration for the workshops and career guidance/psychological counseling meetings as part of the program.

We offer 7 activities for which you can register:

  1. Career counseling and guidance (one-on-one session)
  2. Psychological counseling in the context of the current post-pandemic situation, economic crisis, war (one-on-one session)
  3. Workshop: Academic writing strategies
  4. Workshop: Financial literacy
  5. Workshop: Introduction to the use of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies
  6. Workshop: UBB Sustainability Academy
  7. Workshop: Let’s speak English! (Conversational English course for small groups)

You can register now:

After registration, participants will receive information about the schedule by e-mail or be called by phone for the one-to-one sessions.

Thank you!
The StudHub team