Google Software Engineer Speaker Session @ Google Developer Student Clubs

🚀 Fuzzing Unveiled: Decode the Magic in Software Testing 🚀

Get ready for a tech exploration like no other!

Join us and Mike from Google Warsaw on November 20th at 6:00 PM for a deep dive into the enchanting world of fuzzing—your ticket to uncovering software vulnerabilities and strengthening your code fortress. 🕵️‍♂️✨

🔍 What to Expect? 🔍

✨ Fuzzing Fundamentals: Discover the power of testing software with random inputs and learn why fuzzing is the go-to for finding vulnerabilities.

🌐 Types of Fuzzing: From random chaos to structured formats, explore the diverse methods that make fuzzing a versatile testing superhero.

👩‍💻 Mike’s Fuzzing Journey: Dive into the trenches of his university days and check out his Kotlin Fuzzer on GitHub for a first hand look at fuzzing in action.

🌍 Real-World Applications: Uncover how big players like Linux kernel, Android, and Tensorflow leverage fuzzing to fortify their projects against potential threats.

🤖 AI Meets Fuzzing: Explore the cutting-edge realm where Language Models (LLMs) and fuzzing collide, revolutionizing bug hunting with artificial intelligence.

🔧 Tools of the Trade: Ready to start fuzzing your own stuff? Get the lowdown on essential tools, including the game-changing American Fuzzy Lop (AFL) fuzzer.

Secure your spot on November 20th starting 6PM by RSVPing on our website and let’s dive deep into the fuzzing universe together! 🌐🔧