Florin Loghiade, Microsoft Azure MVP – Azure Architecture & Service Automation Seminar

2021. április 14-én, 16:00 és 19:30 óra között Florin Loghiade (Microsoft Azure MVP) online szemináriumot tart Azure Architecture & Service Automation címmel. A szemináriumra a Microsoft Teams platformon lehet belépni ezen a linken.

Abstract: In this seminar, we will talk about the intricacies revolving around Azure datacenters; How they are built from the ground up, how they stay online and how they provide resilience to millions of customers. We will explore the physical infrastructure then dive inside the virtual. After we get acquainted with them, we will get a sense of what services are provided for our infrastructure and development needs and how we can automate them in a way where so we couldn’t care less if a whole continent goes under.