Calendar, required documents, and registration procedure for the final examinations in June-July 2022

This procedure is intended for students wishing to take the bachelor's exam in the June-July 2022 session.

  1. The similarity of the bachelor thesis will be tested using Turnitin:
    • The group responsible will be contacted to receive access to the Turnitin software.
    • The similarity test of the bachelor thesis will be conducted using Turnitin without applying any filter.
    • If the similarity index of 30% is exceeded for well-founded reasons (e.g., bibliography, own published article, etc.), the filters to be applied are determined together with the scientific coordinator and the similarity report is generated.
  2. If applicable, a request for recognition/equivalence of a previous undergraduate examination paper is submitted by email to between 8-10 June 2022.
  3. Students shall ensure in good time that they have access to the platform and that the scientific coordinator’s name appears on the platform.
  4. By the 9th of June 2022, 18:00, the students will upload their results to the platform at with the following information:
    • the final version of the paper in PDF format, together with the abstract in English, which will be integrated immediately after the title page.
    • a ZIP archive containing the application (if applicable) and Annex 5 (Declaration of Authenticity of the thesis).
    • the MS Teams account will be completed (provided through Academic Info).
  5. By the 17th of June 2022, 2 pm, the coordinating teachers will give their approval; students whose undergraduate thesis has not received the approval of the coordinating teacher by this date/time will not be accepted for registration for the bachelor’s exam.
  6. Students register for the final examination between June 18-and 21 2022 by uploading the scanned documents to All the scanned documents need to be saved in PDF format, and they will be archived in a single zip file required for registration:
    • Sample application form - after completion list, sign and send in pdf format.
    • Baccalaureate Diploma - scanned copy in PDF format.
    • High School Transcript - scanned copy in PDF format.
    • Birth certificate - scanned copy in PDF format.
    • Only graduates who do not have a valid language proficiency certificate/attestation are requested to attach a scanned copy of their new language proficiency certificate.

    ID photos must be submitted by the graduates in physical format (2 photos in the size ¾) to the Academic Records Service at the time of the diploma collection.

    For older graduating classes, graduates are requested to submit the following documents with their application for the bachelor’s exam:

    1. Application form - after completion print, sign and send in PDF format.
    2. Baccalaureate Diploma - scanned copy in PDF format.
    3. High School Transcript - scanned copy in PDF format.
    4. Birth certificate - scanned copy in PDF format.
    5. Proof of payment of the fee for graduates enrolled in a previous session of the bachelor's exam or graduates of the 2018 and previous 2018 classes (1500 RON).

On June 23rd, 2022, the secretaries of the license exam commissions will display the distribution of candidates for the oral examination of the bachelor’s exam that is held face to face, and the schedule for the defense of the final paper will be posted later.

The calendar of the final examination tests:

Examination 1: Evaluation of basic and specialized knowledge, oral exam, face-to-face: 27 - 28 June 2022;

Examination 2: Presentation and defense of the bachelor thesis, oral presentation, face-to-face: 30 June - 1 July 2022.

NOTE: The Faculty Council reserves the right to make the timetable for the bachelor’s examination compatible with subsequent regulations that may occur.