Master’s admission fees 2022

By the Regulations for the organization and conduct of the admission competition, approved by the University Senate, the following fees are charged for the admission competition:

The processing fee is 50 RON and is charged for organizational and communicational aspects, including possible pre-registration, which is not subject to exemptions or waivers and is not refundable. Exceptions are only candidates who fall into one of the following situations: are orphans of both parents, or are in foster care (these candidates are exempt from both the processing and registration fees);

The application fee is 150 RON. Children of teaching and auxiliary teaching staff in active service or retired, employees and children of employees of our university (including BBU restaurants and cafeterias), of the Central University Library, and of the Botanical Garden are exempt from the application fee.

In the event of a withdrawal, the processing fee and registration fee are non-refundable.

Fees can be paid on the online platform.