Data verification in the application folder and submission of appeals related to the admission on master’s level, September 2022

The data verification of the information entered by the Admission Commission in the application file is done using the Babeș-Bolyai University application platform, available at After the successful authentication of the candidate, the platform will display the folders and their status. The folders that have the status Registered, have been processed and entered in the Admission Contest of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, session September 2022.

After selecting a folder with the status Registered, you should check the information related to the submitted folder as follows:

  1. The admission number submitted to the folder. This number can be viewed to the right of the section “Legitimation
  2. The options with which the candidate has been registered in the admission competition can be viewed in the section Options in the commission.

IMPORTANT! The list of options in the section Chosen options may differ from the list of options in the section Options in the commission. When distributing the places, ONLY THE LIST OF OPTIONS in the Options in the commission section WILL BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT, in the order in which the options appear in this section.

The competition averages will be calculated only after the portfolios have been endorsed.

Candidates are requested to check all the information appearing in the folders sent to the Admission Commission of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science and to point out any inaccuracies by an objection sent by email to by September 15, 2022, at 2 pm.


  1. During the period of contestation, NO more requests for changes of options will be accepted.
  2. Any objection must be substantiated with supporting documents:
    • for wrong marks please mention " According to the bachelor’s certificate/Diploma/Supplement to the diploma submitted with the file".
    • for the list of options, "According to the request for modification of options sent to the commission during the registration period" must be mentioned and a print screen with the email sent to the commission must be attached. The print screen must show the email address of the person who sent the request, the email address to which the request was sent, and the date and time when the request for modification of options was sent.