Access to university and college resources, accounts and servers

Dear students,

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Babeș-Bolyai University offer you a series of related platforms and accounts to be used in the teaching process:

Resources provided by the university

Thus, in addition to the Academic Info platform available at, the Babeș-Bolyai University offers you access to Microsoft Teams and Office 365. Details on how to connect to these platforms are provided in Academic Info and on the website of the Directorate of Information Technology and Communications (DTIC) of UBB: . Support for Microsoft Teams accounts and accounts is provided exclusively by DTIC UBB, for access problems please contact this university department at

Resources provided by the faculty

In parallel with the above platforms, the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science will offer access to a series of specific resources and servers needed in the teaching process for various subjects in the curriculum, the most important being the accessible at the address, access to the Linux server, the Moodle server, as well as networks of Windows computers in the faculty laboratories. Also, based on e-mail addresses of the form, you can have access by registering to various software licenses offered free of charge only to the students of our faculty (examples in this regard are Microsoft licenses offered through Microsoft Azure or software licenses offered by JetBrains).

To access these resources offered by the faculty, the initial authentication data to the e-mail boxes provided by the faculty (those of the form and to the Linux server can be consulted at the address: https :// For initialization and effective activation of the email box, a first authentication must be done at the address

For support and problems connecting to these e-mail boxes, please contact the system engineers of the faculty at help@scs.ubbcluj.roImportant: please do not contact the faculty's system engineers for problems related to MS Teams or accounts of the form, support for these is provided by DTIC UBB.

Please consult these boxes frequently, through which you can be notified about events and presentations organized in the faculty, you can receive internship offers, scholarships offered by companies, announcements from teaching staff and the dean's office, etc.

By accessing resources/accounts/mailboxes you agree to comply with the following regulation:

  1. Access to resources (servers, accounts, services) is based on a username and a password. The user is directly responsible for all actions taken from his account / based on his credentials. Access credentials (password) will not be disseminated to third parties.
  2. Reactivation of the account (for example in case of forgetting the password, etc.) is done by e-mail to the address from the address used by the student when registering at the faculty (for the resources offered by the faculty such as the e-mail boxes of form, respectively by contacting DTIC (Directorate of Information Technology and Communications of UBB) for the resources offered by the university (such as MS Teams accounts in the form During the non-semester period, resetting the password of the accounts offered by the faculty (not the university) can also be done in room 305, FSEGA campus, according to the posted schedule, in the presence of the student based on the current student card and the ID card / passport.
  3. Violation of system protection systems (computers, servers, routers, other active network components) from the faculty, university network or from the Internet is strictly prohibited. The mere presence in your account/directories of programs that could perform such an activity is considered a fault and is sanctioned according to this regulation and the law.
  4. The faculty computers and network will be used for academic purposes only. Their use for commercial, political or entertainment purposes is strictly prohibited. For reasons of traffic, bandwidth and copyright rights, the use of peer-to-peer programs that allow the download of files with multimedia content from the Internet (file sharing, torrents, etc.) is prohibited. Decent language will be used in electronic communications.
  5. Any problems regarding the malfunctioning of systems, servers and services will be reported to the administrators by email at .
  6. Failure to comply with this regulation is sanctioned, as the case may be, by: blocking access to accounts and the network, deregistration, police measures, judicial measures.

Dean's Office of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science