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Special Issue 1

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MaCS 2014: 10th Joint Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science


M. Antal, L. Zs. Szabó, Zs. BokorIdentity Information Revealed From Mobile Touch Gestures514
C. Blajovici, Zs. Jankó, D. ChetverikovStudy on Foreground Segmentation Methods for a 4D Studio1530
I. Bozó, M. Tóth, Z. HorváthReduction of Regression Tests for Erlang Based on Impact Analysis3146
P. Burcsi, G. NagyEndgame Strategies and Simulation Results for the Liar’s Dice Game4758
M. Cserép, D. KruppVisualisation Techniques of Components for Large Legacy C/C++ Software5974
T. Cséri, Z. PorkolábEvaluating Comment-to-AST Assignment Heuristics for C++ Programs7589
G. Fábián, L. GergóFast Algorithm to Split and Reconstruct Triangular Meshes90102
V. Fördos, M. TóthUtilising the Software Metrics of RefactorERL to Identify Code Clones in Erlang103118
N. Gaskó, R.I. Lung, M. Suciu, D. DumitrescuFirst Price and Second Price Auction Games. Equilibria Detection119128
A. Góbi, T. Kozsik, B. KrálikEmbedded Resource Tool in Haskell129136
L. Györffy, A. Balaton, A. CsernenszkyDirect Marketing Optimization Using Client Relational Graphs137149
A. Iványi, J. ElekDegree Sets of Tournaments150164
T. Kádek, J. PánovicsSome Improvements of the Extended Breadth-First Search Algorithm165173
G. Nagy, Z. PorkolábThe Effects of Using Exception Handling on Software Complexity174184
A. Németh, M. TóthErlang-Like Dynamic Typing in C++185200
G. Oláh, D. Horpácsi, T. Kozsik, M. TóthType Interface for Core Erlang to Support Test Data Generation201215
D. TuseAn Incremental Fuzzy Multicriteria Decision Making Method Based on the Expected Value216227