A Server-Side Support Layer for Client Perspective Transparent Web Content Migration

published in Proceedings of the KEPT 2013 – Knowledge Engineering Principles and Techniques Conference, Studia Universitatis Babeş-Bolyai, Volume LVIII, No. 3, pp. 78-89, 2013.

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A Server-Side Support Layer for Client Perspective Transparent Web Content Migration


Darius Bufnea, Diana Halita
Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science,
Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca


The migration process of a website’s content within a Content Management System almost always implies changes in the site structure as seen by search engines and web clients. This variation leads to some disadvantages, such as misdirecting search engines visitors to old, unavailable, URLs. Even if, over time, search engines adapt to changes in the site’s structure, the problem remains unsolved for visitors landing from 3rd party referrers. This paper presents a server-side support layer for client perspective transparent web content migration, layer that automatically maps the old visible structure of a website to the new one implied by the migration process. Some of the advantages of such a mechanism are: reducing incoming dead links from 3rd party referrers, assisting search engines for properly redirecting users or page rank and SERP conservation.

Key words

CMS migration, web content migration, transparent 404 not found redirection.

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Darius Bufnea