Master Thesis

M.Sc. Thesis: Software Specification Methods
Scientific adviser: Lect. Dr. Simona Motogna

- The Subject of the Master Thesis -

        As Component-Based Development has become more and more important in the information technology world, many concepts and conventions have been introduced. An obvious demand exists to precisely specify issues such as what is a component, how they are used, and how they interact with each other.

         Another challenge in Component-Based Software Development is how to assemble components effectively and efficiently. As a component is ready, it must be deployed into a component models or frameworks. These component models or frameworks provide a systematic method of connecting components, where components are assembled by instantiating and connecting component instances and by customizing component resources.

       The thesis provides an overview of formal methods for component-based software systems and an overview about specification, of component-based software systems and technologies addressing issues such as the definition and characteristics of components. It is also presented the two major component specifications: Component Interaction and Role-Based Modeling.

         A general model for Component-Based software is presented. Component composition is the method of assembling software components resulting in a "composable" software system or a higher-level component. Decomposition and composition of components are presented. Parallel composition and serial composition of components are specified. A prototype, Component Composition Software Kit is presented.

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