Didactic Activity

During my activity at the Department of Computer Science of the "Babes-Bolyai" University I have taught the following subjects:

Subject (Lecture, Seminar and Practical
 Software Systems Verification and Validation  III-rd  2007–2009;
2009-2010 (Lecture);
2012-2013 (Lecture)
 Computational Models for Embedded Systems  Master  2012–2013 (Lecture)
 Software Engineering
II-nd 2007–2008
 Object Oriented Programming  I-st  2006–2009
 Integrated Systems for Design and Implementation  III-rd  2006–2007
 Fundamentals of Programming I-st
2009-2010 (Lecture);
 Advanced Programming Methods  II-nd  2004–2006
 Individual Project  II-nd  2004–2005, 2008–2010
 Client/Server Applications  IV-th  2003–2004
 Computer interface and communication in Internet  I-st  2003–2004
 Parental leave  -  2010–2012

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