Research grants

Principal Investigator

  1. Young Independent Team (Tinere Echipe - TE) UEFISCDI grant, 1.06.2021-31.05.2024, Novel approaches based on soft computing for software evolution: change and defect management (ORCHESTRA), , PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2021-0892, Contract nr TE 138/2022
  2. AUF grant, 21.12.2020-20.12.2021, Title: Le pont durable , Contract AUF ECO-910/21.12.2020
  3. European and International Cooperation Grant, University of Namur and Babes-Bolyai University, 1.01.2021-31.12.2022, PN-III-CEI-BIM-PBE2020-0021, Nr contract BM 14 BM/2021
    tEaching, Learning and EValuating in a sociAlly disTancing wORld (ELEVATOR),
  4. Fellowship grant - Excellence in R&D activity, 2020, Title: QUA-EASY - QUAlity Estimation And prediction of embedded SYStems
  5. Fellowship grant - Teaching excellence supported by scientific research, 2019, Title: EXPERIENCES (EXPERIENtial teaChing Embedded Systems)
  6. AISS  grant (Accenture Industrial Software Solutions ), 2016, Title: SBSE techniques for regression testing in IoT (SBSE-RT-IoT)
  7. TD CNCSIS grant (Romania), 2007-2009, Title: Studies on formal modeling of software components. Applications, TD CNCSIS cod 272/2007


  1. PNCDI Grant (Romania), 2008-2011, Title: Scientific computing and optimization for interdisciplinary applications, CNCSIS Grant IDEI 2412/2008
  2. PNCDI - IDEI grant (Romania), 2007-2010, Title: Robust models and methods for data processing with applications in natural sciences, PNCD II PCE Idei 550/2007
  3. AT CNCSIS grant (Romania), 2005-2007 - 31/2005, Title: Development of advanced computational methods in mezoscopic systems research: framework, repository and computational GRID, COmputational   MODule Integrator:Component Based Framework for Scientific Computing - COMODI, AT CNCSIS 31/2005, contract nr. 27687/14.03.2005
  4. The Excellence Research Programme CEEX (Romania), 2005-2008, Title: New techniques in nuclear magnetic resonance on solids, General contractor is the Research and Development Institute for Isotopic and Nuclear Technologies, Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaAUF grant, 21.12.2020-20.12.2021, CEEX PC-D11-PT00-147/2005

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