Performance Benchmarking for NoSQL Database Management Systems

  • C.-F. Andor Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


NoSQL database management systems are very diverse and are known to evolve very fast. With so many NoSQL database options available nowadays, it is getting harder to make the right choice for certain use cases. Also, even for a given NoSQL database management system, performance may vary significantly between versions. Database performance benchmarking shows the actual performance for different scenarios on different hardware configurations in a straightforward and precise manner. This paper presents a NoSQL database performance study in which two of the most popular NoSQL database management systems (MongoDB and Apache Cassandra) are compared, and the analyzed metric is throughput. Results show that Apache Cassandra outperformes MongoDB in an update heavy scenario only when the number of operations is high. Also, for a read intensive scenario, Apache Cassandra outperformes MongoDB only when both number of operations and degree of parallelism are high.


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