The 3rd Workshop on Applied Deep Learning (WeADL 2023) is jointly organised by the MLyRE research group on Machine Learning, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Babeș-Bolyai University together with the Romanian National Meteorological Administration and Meteorologisk Institutt Norway. The previous editions of WeADL were organised as online events, with recorded video presentations freely available for both the 2021 edition and 2022 edition.

The workshop is taking place within the framework of the WeaMyL research project (RO-NO-2019-0133). WeaMyL aims to enhance the accuracy, performance and reliability of national nowcasting warning systems by the use of machine learning techniques applied on radar, satellite and weather station observations. The focus is on obtaining higher precision in predicting the occurrence and the areas affected by severe meteorological phenomena, as well as attaining lower decision times when compared to current, exclusively human decision times. The project’s main goal is to automate the nowcasting warning systems by creating a machine learning driven platform for early and accurate forecast of severe phenomena. Thus, it is aimed to be the backbone of a new framework for imminent severe weather detection adapted to current technological possibilities.


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