Accepted papers

ICFCA 2014 Invited speakers:

Jean-Paul Doignon, Learning Spaces, and How to Build them.

Sebastian Rudolph, On the Succinctness of Closure Operator Representations.

Arno Siebes,  MDL in Pattern Mining


ICFCA 2014 Accepted Papers (LNCS/LNAI, Vol. 8478, Springer)

  1. Bogdan Chornomaz, Algebraicity and the tensor product of concept lattices.
  2. Artem Revenko, Automatized Construction of Implicative Theory of Algebraic Identities of Size up to 5.
  3. Johannes Wollbold, Rüdiger Köhling and Daniel Borchmann, Attribute Exploration with Proper Premises and Incomplete Knowledge Applied to the Free Radical Theory of Ageing.
  4. Alexandre Albano, Upper bound for the number of concepts of contranominal-scale free contexts.
  5. Bernhard Ganter and Cynthia Vera Glodeanu, Skills and Factors.
  6. Cynthia Vera Glodeanu and Jan Konecny, Ordinal factor analysis of graded data.
  7. Sebastian Kerkhoff and Friedrich Martin Schneider, Directed tree decompositions – an open ICFCA problem.
  8. Immanuel Albrecht and Hermann Körndle, On Knowledge Spaces and Item Testing.
  9. Ruairí de Fréin, Multi-Layered, Blocked Formal Concept Analysis for Adaptive Image Compression.
  10. Víctor Codocedo and Amedeo Napoli, A proposition for combining pattern structures and relational concept analysis.
  11. Aleksey Buzmakov, Sergei O. Kuznetsov and Amedeo Napoli, Scalable Estimates of Concept Stability.
  12. Xavier Dolques, Kartick Chandra Mondal, Agnès Braud, Marianne Huchard and Florence Le Ber, RCA as a data transforming method: a comparison with propositionalisation.
  13. François Coste, Gaëlle Garet, Agnès Groisillier, Jacques Nicolas and Thierry Tonon, Automated Enzyme classification by Formal Concept Analysis.
  14. Henry Soldano, Closed motifs and abstraction beyond lattices.
  15. Rakesh Agrawal, Krishnaram Kenthapadi, Anitha Kannan, Sreenivas Gollapudi, Maria Christoforaki and Adith Swaminathan, Mining Videos from the Web for Electronic Textbooks.
  16. Francisca García-Pardo, Inma P. Cabrera, Pablo Cordero, Manuel Ojeda-Aciego and Francisco J. Rodriguez-Sanchez, Building isotone Galois connections between preorders on an unstructured codomain.

Supplementary proceedings:

  1. Daniel Borchmann, Rafael Peñaloza and Wenqian Wang, Classifying Software Bug Reports by Methods from Formal Concept Analysis.
  2. Schahrazed Fennouh, Roger Nkambou, Petko Valtchev and Mohamed Rouane-Hacene, Stability-Based Filtering for Ontology Restructuring.
  3. Francesco Kriegel, Incremental Computation of Concept Diagrams.
  4. Lenka Pisková, Tomas Horvath and Stanislav Krajci, Ranking Formal Concepts by Utilizing Matrix Factorization.
  5. Christian Sacarea and Viorica Varga, Triadic Approach to Conceptual Design of XML Data.