The Conference Secretariat is located in the main building of "Babes-Bolyai" University, Mihail Kogalniceanu Street, no. 1, first floor, room 146 (the Vice Dean Office).

Opening hours:

Tuesday July 4: 15:00--20:00
Wednesday July 5: 8:00--18:00
Thursday July 6: 8:00--16:00
Friday July 7: 8:00--14:00

You are kindly requested to register at your earliest convenience.

For any questions or problems please feel free to address to this office.


The social program includes:

The Conference Dinner which will be held at the Restaurant of the "Babes-Bolyai" University (near the Main building), on Friday, July 7, starting at 19:00.

Trip to an Old Salt Mine and to the Turda Canyon, on Saturday, July 8, Starting at 9:00.

The participants should pay a tax fee at the registration desk; this fee includes the cost of the transportation, access tickets and of the lunch, which will be served at a restaurant in the Aries Valley.