Mobile Applications
2020 - 2021 1st Semester
3rd Year English

Lab Instructors:

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Exam Details:
General notes
The lectures will be posted on YouTube, on each Monday.
Please recheck this page to access the lecture link.
The laboratories will be maintained on Google Meet, MsTeams, or Zoom, please check Piazza, before the start of the laboratory, to get the access link and the connection details.
Lecture Notes
  1. Introduction to mobile app development
  2. Lists and REST resources
  3. Navigation and REST Resources
  4. Local Persistence & Architecture Components
  5. Securing mobile apps
  6. Coroutines, Flow & Reactive programming
  7. System services & Sensors
  8. Animations
  9. Firebase Services & Monetize Apps
  10. Advanced Mobile Development
  11. Jetpack Compose & SwiftUI
  12. Testing & Exam Discussions

Labs - See: Assessment Lab Plan

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