Software maintenance and evolution play an important role in obtaining a qualitative software system, either during the development phase or after release. The changes that occur during software development are one of the important factors that threaten the quality of the software system, therefore methods and tools to achieve a higher better state of the system are a must.


The main objective of the project is to explore and to develop an innovative set of soft computing techniques for software maintenance and evolution-related activities regarding software changes. Four separate directions in approaching this problem will constitute separate objectives: bug priority classification, code smells and relation to bugs, quality attributes prediction, and regression testing by test case prioritization.


The research group has strong knowledge in software evolution and soft computing techniques with experience in coordinating and publishing high-level scientific research. The symbiosis of the team’s knowledge will be fostered by scientific seminars organized during the research visits with project collaborators that will generate original, more impactful research solutions.

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